Strategic Skills Learning Process

To position solutions that address a client’s financial situation and strategic imperatives, client-facing individuals need both theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply the content in a situation-specific context.

Our applied, learner-centered process typically includes:

  • Learn foundational concepts before the classroom to expedite and deepen learning
    Course participants become familiar and comfortable with core financial statements and strategy models to enable them to discuss key concepts when they begin the classroom session.
  • Apply each of the concepts learned to an actual case example throughout the session
    Participants then learn the logic and function of financial statements by performing calculations of trends and ratios in the context of a sample business. They also see how this business makes decisions based on these financial realities, and/or leverages various strategy models to compete and grow in a given industry.
  • Ensure learning by applying the concepts to actual clients during and after the training
    Learners then apply the course content to an actual client with whom they are working to position their product or service along the customer’s financial and strategic hot buttons.