Business Acumen Learning Programs

Our e-learning and classroom courses are designed to be modular and customized for an organization's specific needs.

Foundations of financial and strategic analysis

  • Engage clients at a higher, more strategic level by increasing knowledge of their industry, strategy and financial performance
  • Learn how to read and interpret financial statements to ask better questions and respond intelligently to financial discussions
  • Become familiar with a client’s industry, and learn how to apply strategy models to see how that client competes and grows
  • Become a trusted advisor who can position solutions relative to a client’s key strategic initiatives
  • Formulate more relevant value propositions, linked to a client’s core strategic and financial concerns

Understanding corporate strategy and competitive positioning

  • Understand a customer’s business from a systemic, strategic perspective
  • Analyze a company’s different strategic options for market positioning relative to competitors
  • Relate strategic options to specific marketing mix strategies to discuss how strategy gets implemented
  • Assess the financial impacts of a customer’s strategic choices in terms of return on investment
  • Leverage insights from strategic analysis for improved sales planning and discussions with senior level managers

Advanced financial analysis: strategic discussions with the CFO

  • Describe how value is added to a firm and how this relates to a public firm’s share price or private firm’s value
  • Relate the concept of firm value to financial analysis and business decision making
  • Learn how to calculate the value created by a business decision
  • Understand the behavior of revenues, expenses and cash flows and how they contribute to the value of the firm
  • Add value to client interactions at a senior management level through a solid understanding of finances

Customized learning programs

  • Customized courses developed to meet specific organizational needs
  • Programs can be tailored for external customer-facing teams with an emphasis on strategic selling, marketing or support teams
  • Applications are also effective with multiple internal functional applications such as HR business partners or engineers collaborating with senior managers
  • Courses combine finance and/or strategy with customized case applications to replicate typical client interactions
  • Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a course for you