Business Acumen

Our proven e-learning and classroom programs have been delivered widely around the globe, including 1000s of people at two of the largest three tech companies in Silicon Valley.

We offer skill-building business acumen courses in finance and strategy that enable you to:

  • Elevate client conversations to a more strategic level;
  • Present solutions that address the financial and strategic hot buttons of internal or external clients;
  • Be seen as a credible, trusted advisor who understands the key dynamics that drive a client’s strategy.

Learning Process

Our proven F2F and e-learning methodology for sharpening business acumen

Learning Programs

F2F and e-learning programs in strategy and finance to enhance conversations with senior-level managers

Learn to speak intelligently about the external factors and internal realities that drive your client’s goals and strategy. Position your solution systemically, at a strategic level that resonates with senior leaders.

Our business acumen courses are completely modular, and allow for combining different topics such as strategy models, interpreting / analyzing financial statements or presenting solutions to the C-Suite that address high-level concerns.

CASE EXAMPLE #1: Strategic Business Skills

Challenge: Global tech giant wanted its client-facing teams (sales, technical account managers, marketers) to see the world through their clients’ eyes and better understand their strategic hot buttons.  They sought to build greater trust and credibility, to strategically position their products relative to a client’s core needs, and to engage senior-level managers in the client organizations.

Core Training Objective: Support these individuals in understanding their clients’ mindset, strategy, and financial realities, especially at the senior management level, and enable them to engage their clients from a more strategic perspective.

Solution: Deployed with >2,500 individuals since 2010 with multiple client-serving groups worldwide:

  • Assessed the prevailing mindset, knowledge level and capabilities of our intended audience in multiple departments and job functions around the world
  • Determined the multiple perspectives that our target audience’s customers brought to a buying situation
  • Developed learning solutions that enabled our audience to understand their clients’ values, needs, and critical drivers / hot button
    • >Ability to interpret and analyze financial statements of clients
    • Introduction to multiple external analysis and strategy models
    • Pre-work, classroom learning, case analysis and post-program applications
    • Emphasis on positioning product solutions that fit the strategy, culture, mindset and financial realities of the customer

Impact: The initial program was praised by client-facing people as well as senior management for helping to position the company’s product solutions strategically with its customers. Given this success, we were asked to expand rapidly on a global scale. We created modular, customized learning that was used with multiple business units and functional groups throughout the company. Both functional and L&D managers reported not only the highest levels of engagement with our content, but importantly, it was used to successfully solidify relationships with the top levels of management across the client spectrum.

CASE EXAMPLE #2: Rapid, Cost-Effective E-learning

Challenge: How do we scale our highly-acclaimed business acumen classroom learning for a global audience? Specifically, how could this client leverage our interactive content in an e-learning format for rapid, cost-effective learning?

Core Training Objective: Create e-learning that supports the largest client-facing teams, and that is also readily applicable to a broader audience of diverse functional groups around the world.

Solution: Developed an e-learning program that was marketed and deployed globally:

  • Assessed the learning culture, the history of both classroom and e-learning as well as business acumen learning, sales enablement and client management models.
  • Collaborated extensively with the global Learning and Development (L&D) team to understand regional perspectives, differing global and functional needs and learning dynamics.
  • Interviewed dozens of potential learners and managers globally from the primary and secondary functional constituencies to determine pain points, use cases, learning behavior, and ways to increase adoption rates.
  • Developed learner personas for each key functional group, adapted the learning for them, and created reflections on how the content could be applied in their world.
  • Created a use case that was easily approachable by all learners, with the ability to readily apply the content after the program.

Impact: Very popular program with incredibly fast adoption rates:

  • Content was so well-received that within only a few months, 1000s had taken the learning program.
  • This e-learning quickly became mandatory for all sales teams as senior management recognized its utility and value.
  • The scope expanded to numerous functional departments once the benefit was realized beyond only client-facing teams.
  • Both senior management and the L&D team lauded the final product and praised our team for capturing the needs of their global, multi-functional learning audience.