Market Research / Strategic Consulting

Gain powerful insights into your market and industry that inform a more cohesive, successful business strategy.

Determine how to differentiate and position your products and services relative to market needs and competitive offers.

Our consulting services help you adapt your strategies according to your external market realities and internal environment

We take a systemic view of our clients’ environment, from their core guiding principles to their overarching business strategy.  Our consulting is highly collaborative, and we view our clients as partners in determining their needs and desired outcomes from the consulting process.

CASE EXAMPLE: Sales and Account Management Consulting

Challenge: A “large-deal” account management team needed to develop their response for a 5 years telecommunications, IT and outsourcing RFQ for a critical, large global customer.  The team needed input from many different internal organizations and wanted to ensure consistency in the value proposition.

Core Objective: Win the contract based on a consistent focus on benefit levers.


  • Partnered with the account management team to develop a response strategy with focus on major value propositions and benefits
  • Developed training and a briefing session for all involved technical specialist
  • Assisted technical specialists in tailoring their responses in accordance with the overall strategy and value proposition

CASE EXAMPLE: Market Research

Challenge: This company has sought to introduce various highly sensitive initiatives over the years, and has been uncertain regarding the impact changes would have on customer satisfaction

Core Objective: Understand customer sentiment relative to the various changes without raising alarm or concern among a loyal client base.

Solution: Over the past decade, we have conducted numerous comprehensive research projects including the following components:

  • Experience interviews with stakeholders (e.g., managers, board members, topic experts, local officials);
  • Secondary research oriented towards the industry and specific challenges faced;
  • Primary qualitative research including focus groups and depth interviews;
  • Quantitative research deployed online as well as via hybrid phone surveys to ensure representative sampling.

Our Market Research Process

Our proven research and consulting methodology helps clients orient their business to market dynamics as well as key external factors and industry forces.  Our analysis process is tailored to our clients’ needs and objectives, then drawing upon a comprehensive research model of both exploratory and quantitative research tools as appropriate.

This process informs us in the way that we support our clients to develop cohesive strategy.  Depending on the needs of a given client, we leverage a number of strategy models that address a client’s goals.