Individual Coaching

Our coaching supports a wide range of needs, from leading a multicultural team, to relocating abroad or managing global projects. Our process is adapted for each client:

  • Lay the foundation for a productive engagement
    • Understand the operating environment, cultural context, work processes and interactions
    • Assess challenges and growth opportunities, and establish a vision for successful outcomes from the coaching
    • Match the optimal coach based on cultural knowledge and functional expertise, and ensure chemistry for a productive working relationship
  • Enhance self-awareness and explore optimal interactions
    • Jointly determine desired approach for the coaching
    • Undertake self-exploration to uncover any impediments to successful outcomes (self-assessment instruments of cultural values, mindset, leadership style, etc.)
    • Explore and map the most important relationships and regular interactions
    • Determine impact of cultural influences on workplace effectiveness
  • Intentional integration of the learning into workplace interactions
    • Introduce specific skills, targeting desired outcomes and interactions
    • Apply learning and skills, with OPTIONAL coach observations and/or interviews with colleagues
    • On-going follow-up with regularly scheduled collaboration to assess progress towards objectives
    • Review outcomes and determine corrective action as appropriate

CASE EXAMPLE: Relocating to another country

Challenge: Managers relocating from other countries faced a host of obstacles beyond their functional job requirements.  This invariably included negotiating cultural differences for both the manager at work, as well as her or his spouse and family on the home front.

Core Objectives: Enable the managers to adapt and thrive both personally and professionally in their new jobs and lives in their host countries.


  • Fully understand the individual's job role in the new country, as well as the functional criteria for success in the new position.
  • Conduct a series of assessments to understand A) the individual's mindset towards cultural differences, B) their readiness for working with a new culture, and C) the cultural values they bring to their new working environment.
  • After reviewing assessment results, it becomes clear where some of the key challenges lie, with coaching objectives and a tactical plan jointly agreed upon.
  • We conducted numerous coaching sessions virtually, assessing progress towards stated goals, culminating in an individual who felt much more comfortable working in their new environment.
  • As with many coaching assignments, the coach generated a report for the individual, their boss and the HR representatives.