Learning Process

Understand how you perceive the world.

Then learn foundational concepts to engage other cultures with different perspectives.

Apply the learning with specific content modules that meet your organizational needs.

  • Enhance interactions with a cultural self-assessment
    • Understand the cultural factors that drive your behaviors at work
    • Compare your workplace values to colleagues or clients around the world
    • Get practical insights on how to improve team performance locally and globally
  • Training and coaching in foundational cultural skills to optimize performance
    • Identify cultural factors that build trust, prevent misunderstandings and increase efficiencies
    • Become mindful of the impact your biases can have working across cultures
    • Develop critical communication skills and negotiation strategies for greater engagement
  • Build on the core concepts with learning programs targeted to your specific performance goals
    • Optimizing multicultural teams
    • Leading across cultures
    • Culturally competent client management
    • Effectiveness in specific regions
    • Selling across cultures in English
    • Customized courses for specific organizational needs