Sales and Account Management

Optimize your sales and account management skills to build, deepen and extend customer relationships.

Become a trusted adviser with solutions linked to your customers' key strategic drivers.

Learning Design Process

A customized approach to improving sales and account management skills

Learning Programs

Program modules offered for a variety of learning needs

Enhance your processes and skills for selling, managing accounts and negotiating to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

CASE EXAMPLE: Cross-Cultural Selling

Challenge: Bankers in multiple branches needed to effectively sell home mortgage loans and other banking solutions to the rapidly growing market of U.S. citizens moving to Latin America; they also needed to work more effectively with cultures in numerous countries, including the central offices located in Europe and the United States.

Core Objective: Enable the bankers to effectively sell banking solutions in English to customers with very different cultural values and behaviors.


  • Enable the Latin American bankers to first understand their own cultural values and normative behaviors
    • National cultural values and common behaviors
    • >Corporate culture
    • Their sales culture
    • Their individual values
  • Familiarize the bankers with the U.S. buying and negotiating culture
  • >Present a consultative, strategic sales process that resonates with U.S. buyers
  • Introduce key language needed for effective selling to a U.S. American
  • Practice selling in English, across cultures, with multiple simulated sales scenarios

CASE EXAMPLE: Sales and Account Management Training

Challenge: Broaden knowledge and skills inventory of highly motivated and rapidly growing sales and account management teams in a complex digital advertising business with multiple types of clients.

Core Objective: Elevate the sales and account management teams’ skills to increase customer acquisition, customer loyalty and satisfaction, and the ability to negotiate more effectively.


  • Determined skills and knowledge gaps of salespeople and account managers
  • Created customized training modules to enhance communication and account management skills in their selling and account management environment
  • Developed client and industry-specific scenarios to practice and apply sales and account management techniques
  • Created a customized negotiation module and scenarios to learn and practice skills
  • Deployed the trainings in the U.S. and European offices with most of the sales force.