Training Courses

Our modular design and extensive experience in customizing content help your sales organization meet its objectives.

Training programs may include a combination of the following modules or our Strategic Business Skills courses.

Sales and account management competencies

  • Enhance your communication techniques to build rapport and trust
  • Learn how to match benefits to needs, offering solutions instead of products
  • Apply active up- and cross-selling techniques and successfully navigate the customer’s organization
  • Understand the buyer-influencer dynamics and the characteristics of different buyer types

Customer-centric mindset and personal selling styles

  • Move from “closing a sale” to “starting relationships”
  • Characteristics and competencies of highly effective sales and account managers
  • Self-assessment of your personal selling and communication style
  • Learn how to become a trusted advisor

The sales and account management process

  • Learn how to be more effective in preparation, planning and prioritizing
  • Manage customers and accounts for long-term relationships
  • Apply strategies to successfully manage your accounts

Negotiation skills

  • Self-assessment of your own negotiation style preferences
  • Understand different negotiation styles
  • Learning when and how to aim for a win-win negotiation
  • Raise your effectiveness during the different phases of a negotiation

Selling across cultures

  • Enhance your credibility as a culturally competent advisor when engaging either internal or external clients
  • Build faster affinity with customers as you approach them in more culturally sensitive ways
  • Learn to qualify and assess needs based on the cultural realities of your customer base
  • Position solutions that resonate with the cultural values of your clients