Cultural Competence Training Courses

Build on the core foundational concepts of culture with these targeted learning programs.

Optimizing multicultural teams

  • Determine the cultural composition of  the team and how each individual experiences the team norms and behaviors
  • Enhance team dynamics and engagement through greater trust and communication
  • Proactively lay the groundwork for a new team charter, or reactively diagnose team challenges based on cultural differences
  • Determine concrete action items that will guide the team towards more effective interaction
  • Take the course as an in-tact team, or as leaders or individual contributors learning to apply the concepts to various teams

Leading across cultures

  • Understand the impact of culture on motivation and learn to adapt your leadership style
  • Increase discretionary effort of your team by motivating them in line with their cultural values
  • Leverage your cultural profile and that of your team to develop critical trust
  • Become aware of how your leadership style and mindset can conflict with that of different cultural preferences
  • Adapt your leadership approach to ensure that everyone on your team feels engaged and included

Culturally competent client management

  • Enhance your credibility as a trusted advisor when engaging either internal or external clients
  • Build faster affinity with clients as you approach them in more culturally sensitive ways
  • Learn to qualify and assess needs based on the cultural realities of your customer base
  • Position solutions that resonate with the cultural values of your clients

Effectiveness in specific regions or countries

  • Prepare ex-pats needing to understand their new home, or working in globally distributed teams.
  • Learn to manage operations around the world, with effective practices based on the predominant cultural values in a given region
  • Understand local customs and norms to integrate more fully into the culture
  • Create operational strategies for effectively operating in specific countries
  • Hone skills to avoid regional and national stereotypes, distinguishing between individuals and regional cultural norms

Selling across cultures in English

  • Learn key language components needed to sell effectively in English
  • Enhance your ability to qualify client needs with the appropriate questioning and language structures
  • Tailor and position your proposed solution to the cultural values of your English-speaking customers
  • Follow a proven sales process for selling across cultures in English
  • Focus on selling globally, or in a specific geographic region as needed

Customized learning programs

  • Content courses can be combined with a regional focus (e.g., leading an outsourcing initiative in country X)
  • Focus on behavioral changes such as managing a globally distributed, virtual team
  • Please contact us to discuss how we can tailor a course for you

  • Customized courses developed to meet specific organizational needs