Do your people get quiet when senior executives bring up finances and strategy?

Help your teams ask better questions and engage clients in more strategic conversations!

2 of Silicon Valley’s top
3 companies
have embraced
our business acumen learning programs.


We’ve developed content over that past decade that enables people to:
easily analyze
a company’s finances
and strategy
ask relevant questions
on core business
and discuss high-level content intelligently with internal or external clients

Our eLearning is

A gamified
Learners search for data to solve a case company dilemma.

Meet the C-level team ONLY after you understand the company!
Self-paced and fast-moving.
Builds on previous concepts, gets applied immediately.

Plus it’s engaging, interactive,
and a lot of fun!

Imagine your people’s effectiveness once they can:
  • step into a client’s shoes,
  • discuss their high-level pain points
    in a sophisticated way,
  • and position solutions in line
    with them.
Your people will ask key questions and position solutions in line with what matters most.

So what
changes as a result of this learning?

As learners explore client finances and strategy, their interest grows.
The bigger client picture reveals a whole new perspective.
goes up:
People sell higher, they coach leaders more strategically.
becomes strategic:
Driven by data, asking strategic questions becomes a habit.
Truly walking in a client’s shoes builds credibility, affinity and trust.
Solutions ultimately align with a client’s strategic imperatives.

our clients
are saying

To respect our clients’ privacy we can’t show their names online, but two of the three biggest Silicon Valley companies have a lot of great things to say!
This program was so well received that it’s become mandatory learning and sales effectiveness training for 2020: a huge feat for an elearning!
I was blown away, honestly! The most resoundingly positive course I’ve seen.
Every leader is jumping on this, it’s universally uniting here. I am so proud of what this netted out at.
This is easily one of the smoothest and most enjoyable external partnerships I’ve had in this role.

Here’s what makes our course so special

Highly practical,
immediately applied
Our course is driven by ROI and job performance in each module: learn it, practice it, apply it to your own client!
to understand
Reviewed by finance people, but written by sales, marketing and learning & development folks
Can it
be fun?
OK, finance is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s a gamified approach that is enjoyable, interactive, and engages learners at every turn!
LAP (Learner
Assessment Plan)
Client application document created automatically in each module = hit the ground running immediately.
Accessed anywhere, on any device, adapted to one’s schedule and learning needs.
over a decade
Our course has been tested and refined with some demanding clients: we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results!


Modules follows a consistent approach that leads to both learning and application:
Position value of content for each learner’s performance objectives.
Introduce concepts through a client’s mindset, applied to their company.
Engage in fun interactive exercises that contextualize and reinforce learning.
See the impact of each concept on the same case company for consistency.
Simulate a discussion with this case client and get feedback on effective practice.
Automatically Generate a personalized Learner Application Plan (LAPTM) for each concept.
Don’t wait!” LAP format allows for immediate client application after each module.
Discuss the results with your team to refine applications and better practices for all.
Course dynamics
The elearning is set up as a quest: the CEO of a large company greets the learner, and tells them the criteria for getting another meeting: prove you know this company and its environment well enough to warrant my time and attention.
Learners follow an interactive map throughout the company and around the world to learn the concepts and then get clues to help them secure that next meeting with the C-Level team.
They start with the finance team. As they learn to read financial statements, analyze trends and ratios for historical and competitive perspectives, they begin to ask more strategic questions to higher-level managers. If they do their work well, they get a seat at the table with the CFO.
The hunt for strategy data has a lot of different paths for a learner to take, including travel around the learning map to uncover helpful clues to the company’s strategy. Various departments open their doors and share their favorite strategy models, but it’s incumbent upon the learner to do the research and populate those models with data.


How does the course apply to both internal and external client-facing teams?
This content was designed to help learners understand their counterparts’ strategic and financial realities. Our proven process has helped all kinds or people accomplish this, from sales and marketing to HR business partners, engineering or product teams.
Is the course enabled for mobile?
Yes! We’ve designed the learning to work across devices to allow learners complete flexibility in taking our courses.
Can the course be customized for our company?
There are multiple levels of customization that we offer, from minor changes in job titles to revising the case company or adding more advanced finance concepts or strategy models.
Can we license the course and host it on our LMS?
We are happy to accommodate specific needs for licensing and hosting: just let us know what will work best to support your learning needs.
Could you tell me more about your company?
Our home page is pretty thorough! What’s important for this eLearning is our extensive experience and passion in adapting this content to different audiences over the past decade.
Could we do a trial of the course?
Of course! Take a look at the demo first, and then let’s discuss what a trial would entail.
I’m interested — what’s my next step?
Let’s talk about your needs and how we can support you best. Our Contact form is the quickest way to reach us, we will not put you on a mailing list and will NOT share your contact information outside of the company.
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