eLearning in
finance, strategy
and client-focused
business acumen

... decades of experience creating
trusted, collaborative advisors

what do you do?
We train people to build trust,
affinity and credibility with their
internal and external clients.
By understanding their client’s strategy, finances and what they value most…
…and then engaging them
intelligently, with empathy.
More specifics
eLearning in business strategy
and finance
Elevate that conversation!
We give your people a road map to analyze their client’s strategy and financial situation. From external environment and industry factors that drive client decisions, to competitive positioning, growth strategies and the finances that support a strategy: learners become comfortable with high-level conversations that matter!
Client-focused teaming
How about a bit of empathy?!
An important component of getting into an internal OR external client’s shoes is understanding their frame of reference, values and norms. We provide eLearning, virtual and classroom sessions in building more empathetic, collaborative,
client-focused teams.
Can you look into that for me?
In addition to training your people how to understand their client’s world more thoroughly, we provide our customers with an assessment of their own strategic environment. Our consulting services leverage many of the models we use in our training, ranging from strategic industry analyses to complete market research studies.

Tell me more
about yourself…

The principle founders met in their MBA program, worked together at AT&T in the 1990s, and built acumen in strategy development, finance, and notably sales and marketing: they were the top performers when it came to selling and bringing clients on board.

Fast forward a decade:

Hey we need
business acumen!
Enter one of the top Silicon Valley firms, requesting a training program for their highest performing salespeople.
it worked!
We expanded, created new programs over a decade, and taught 1000s from their client-facing teams around the world: from sales and marketing to technical account managers and those engaging internal clients.
How can we scale this, allow people to learn at their
own pace?
Enter another enormous Silicon Valley company pushing us to expand our eLearning dramatically.
Our eLearning
became mandatory?!
Yep, this content has exceeded our expectations and has benefited countless learners around the world.

From our CEO...

Bob Steiner, MBA

We are teachers and trainers at heart, with corporate experience and a strong drive for excellence and fun! After years of corporate leadership roles, we found our true passion in creating and delivering elearning. Our content is based on sound business experience and many years of solid academic teaching at post-graduate level institutions such as UC Berkeley Global, the European Business School, and the University of Alberta. Our courses have been highly valued not just for the academic rigor they bring, but also the practical application: we know what client-facing managers need to become trusted advisors for internal and external clients.

What’s it like
to work with you?

As you’ve seen, we ask a lot of questions…
…and we link those questions to solutions tailored to your needs.
As a boutique company, we’re flexible and agile. Our solid content has been field tested by some of the largest and most demanding companies, and we’re experts in customizing that content for our clients’ specific needs.
We have off-the-shelf solutions
that can be tweaked or changed substantially:
let us know what you’d like!

Quick facts

Training, consulting and coaching experience with 10% of Fortune 500 companies.
Our classroom learning has been conducted across the globe (and our eLearning has expanded that reach tremendously!)
20+ years of classroom
and online learning, consulting and coaching
Founders speak 7 languages. A principle partner with
a PhD in computer science!

Man did that come in handy as we grew our eLearning!
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