They all want team success.

They just have different ways of getting there.

The Team Illuminator optimizes collaboration among colleagues globally


With the Team Illuminator, users can:
Take a self-assessment
and determine their preferences for interacting with others at work
Increase empathy,
understand what drives people’s workplace values and behaviors
Compare their values
to teammates, and determine optimal collaboration strategies

Which factors influence values & behaviors?

Users identity what drives interactions in teams and organizations.

  • Values
  • Relationship/Task
  • Directness
  • Collectivism
  • Time structure
  • Power
  • Certainty
  • Behaviors
  • Organization, function, management level

    For example, your organization and your role there

    people's silhouette
  • National/regional culture

    The places you've lived, where you grew up

    person's silhouette and a map behind
  • Demographic factors

    Age, gender...

    old and young persons' silhouette
  • Identity as an individual

    Your personal identity, how you view yourself

    profile card
  • Religion

    Religious and spiritual values and practices

    religion signs
  • Upbringing

    The way you were raised and educated

    parents with child
  • Personality

    Your personality

    person with puzzled head
icon head with upset smiley
Awareness of these factors
can alert teams to potential biases...
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icon head with an unlocked lock
...and unlock openness
and empathy for others.

Converting knowledge
to action

arrow on a paper note
The Team Illuminator provides practical tips to apply the learning
to a user’s teams.
two persons with squares between
We can also train an HR business partner or coach a leader to facilitate a team discussion.
persons in a circle and network like connection
Our excellent facilitators can run
a team session for you…
a person helps other person to climb up
…and coach the leader and/or team
members individually as needed.
a person at a board and before other people
We also provide virtual and
face to face training programs based on our assessment model.

The Team Illuminator provides powerful benefits to your team:

three person in triangle with a checkmark inside
Optimize workplace
smiley happy
Reduce conflict, stress
and frustration
people standing in a circle with raised hands
Leverage valuable
diversity on teams

About the Team Illuminator

The Team Illuminator was developed by intercultural specialists with decades of experience in the field of cultural competence in the workplace.
This model and corresponding self-assessment tool are based on extensive primary and secondary research, plus consulting and facilitation experience in dozens of Fortune 500 companies and academic institutions globally.
No surprise! There are different cultural norms around the world.
But national norms are just one piece of the puzzle.
To avoid national stereotyping and better reflect a multi-generational, globalized workforce, our approach:
  • deemphasizes national cultures
  • raises awareness of multiple factors that influence values


How did you develop your team culture model?
We’ve analyzed the literature, conducted primary research, and facilitated various models globally. Our approach has been proven to effectively balance simplicity and comprehensiveness, built on solid research and testing.
Why do you have dimensions and sub-dimensions?
National culture models are simply too general and can lead to unhelpful misunderstandings. E.G.: All “direct communicators” are not both assertive and explicit. Many people who do not value punctuality indeed prefer to focus on one item at a time.
What led you to deemphasize national cultures?
We’ve seen countless individuals who deviate from their home country norms. We’re also highly concerned that emphasizing nationality reinforces and perpetuates dangerous stereotypes, which is not helpful at work or in society at large.
What types of training courses do you offer?
We support internal practitioners with a Train the Trainer program and can also facilitate sessions to enhance skills in culturally competent teamwork and leadership. We’ve done some interesting customization: imagine culturally competent selling in English to bank clients!
What is your pricing structure?
We have per-user fees, volume discounts and enterprise licenses. We offer discounts for academics and non-profits. Coaching prices are based on the number of team members and training rates depend on duration and level of customization.
What types of companies have you supported?
We’ve facilitated and consulted across industries: American Express, Amgen, AT&T, Baxter, Bio-Rad, Bosch, Campbell’s, Coca-Cola, Citibank, Deloitte, Dolby Labs, Dow Corning, EY, Honeywell, HSBC, InfoSys, ITT, J&J, Lucent Technologies, MetLife, Novartis, Prudential, Novo Nordisk, P&G, Pepsi, Sanofi, SC Johnson, Sybase/SAP, Wells Fargo.
Do have case examples of your work some of these companies?
YES! We’d be happy to share examples of our experiences with Train the Trainer programs, as well as coaching and training (our marketing consultant has threatened to quit if we put any more text on this website).
Want to enhance team collaboration?